About us

Anima Exsto Ltd., established in 2010 with 100% private capital.


Anima Exsto Ltd. is a family-owned business whose main activities are renting out, managing and maintaining owned office buildings, office & retail spaces.

Fully committed to providing the best service to our clients, we offer consulting services in the customization of business premises, conceptual and architectural solutions, construction work through our partner companies, as well as a complete maintenance service.

If you are looking for office space in attractive location and quality facilities, we are here for you.

Offered services include:

- rent out of office and warehouse spaces
- analysis and draw up of lease agreement
- property budget planning
- calculation and distribution of common service charges
- supervision of lease agreement liabilities

Property services department works in coordination with other departments that provide expertise in various fields of technology, law and finance in order to provide complete service to our clients.