Business Center Anima Exsto is located at the intersection of Velika Gorica - Zagreb expressway and Buzinska Cesta road, in the immediate vicinity of the Zagreb ring road and the American Embassy. Near the building, there is a station for the train route Zagreb - Velika Gorica, and across the street there is a bus station for the same route. Next to the building is also a newly renovated bike path that follows the expressway.

The total square footage of office space for rent is approximately 3600 m² net. Business center offers parking on 3 maintained parking lots with more than 60 parking spaces. In the immediate vicinity of the center is the Supernova Buzin Shopping Mall, which houses variety of bars & restaurants.
The center Management Office is located on the first floor and promptly responds to tenant request.
For security of its tenants, the business center has a video surveillance and access control of the premises is regulated through contactless cards system as well as through security service.
The building has all the necessary utility connections, certificates and permits.


The current tenants of the building are the following companies:

Tenants have full control over energy, gas & water consumption through separated meters in their rented premises.
Anima Exsto Business Center also offers three mega-boards with a total surface of 700m², illuminated and visible from roads nearby, including expressway and highway.

The interior of the business center is built around a central staircase with separate annexes of various square footage, separated as independent units on each floor. The standard office partition walls within the annex are made of plasterboard between the finished floor and the suspended ceiling. The ceiling in the offices is designed as a suspended ceiling with an invisible structure and on a structure suspended with plasterboard. The partitions between the tenants are made of a fixed block brick wall. The flooring is made of oak laminated parquet with high resistance.

The internal partition walls are made of brick block in accordance with the requirements of space and lined with quality ceramic tiles. The flooring of the sanitary facilities is made of cement screed on a layer of elasticized Styrofoam; the final layer is ceramics of the high quality and design. The interior doors of the sanitary facilities are 205 cm in height, made of high-quality panel, with wooden doorjambs, rubber gaskets, high-quality closing hardware. Equipment is sanitary facilities is also high quality - including sinks with mirror, toilets and concealed flushing cisterns.

The main door of the building are automatic/sliding glass doors with security sensors. The floors of the communication rooms, entrances, hall, elevator lobbies, and stairways are paved with stone and high quality ceramics. Fire doors on all floors and server rooms are of metal construction. The floors in the warehouse and ramps are made of high quality ceramics.

For vertical transport, there is elevator with load capacity of 630 kg (8 persons) made of stainless steel and glass with a stone floor, is installed. For the purpose of vertical communication with the warehouse on floor -1, a hydraulic ramp with a load capacity of 2500 kg (4 pallets) with a safety mechanism was constructed.

The distribution of cold and hot water goes through polypropylene pipes. All pipes are insulated with green aquaterm. Hot water comes from gas combi boilers, locally for each sanitary group and annex. The hydrant network is connected with galvanized pipes. A fire alarm system is installed on each floor. Roof drainage is a separated system. Condensate drainage is installed in such a way that it is not connected directly to the internal sewage, but is drained by special pipes and used for lawn irrigation.

Fire Safety System is divided into fire zones and is connected through a hydrant network, dry chemical extinguishers and fire alarm system. The fire alarm system is linked with anti-theft system and is connected to the internal and external security service.

The energy for heating the building is provided by the city gas, with boiler rooms according to separate units for rent in which thermal energy is produced through gas combi boilers. Cooling of the building is provided through the cooling units (generators) located on the isolated terraces outside. Each rental space within the building has its own generator. Space heating and cooling is provided through quiet Fan Coil units (Energy Class A). Heating and cooling distribution system are individually designed for each space.

On Level -1 of the building, there is a storage space that can be converted into standalone storage units per tenants' needs, using freestanding partition shelves with plastic coated metal railing. The warehouse has its own access from the side of the building.